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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Celebrates No Booze Year



Courtesy of Pinterest
Amid the ongoing rumors that her marriage of 27 years has ended, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has something to celebrate.
The 54-year-old is marking her one-year anniversary of being sober, telling fans, “I listened to my heart.”
In an emotional Instagram post, Richards revealed, “Today marks one year alcohol free for me.”
“A number of things made me come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to drink. First and foremost, I didn’t feel it had a place where I personally wanted to be,” the reality star told her 4.2 million Instagram followers. “I listened to my heart and the message was clear to me.I knew it was no longer serving me (no pun intended) physically, mentally or spiritually.”
“I never put a time frame on when I would drink again or say IF I ever would. All I know is I have never felt better physically or been more clear mentally,” Richards shared. “I’ve learned that I still over share but at least I don’t have the “hanxiety” thinking about it.”
Although Richards said giving up alcohol was easier than she thought it would be, her decision to go booze-free was “definitely met with resistance by some.”
“But I have never been one to fall prey to peer pressure. No matter my age,” the Halloween” actress told fans.
“Alcohol made me feel depressed the next day no matter how fun the night before was,” Richards, who recently revealed she and husband Mauricio had had the most challenging year of their marriage, shared. “And honestly, life is going to throw us some difficult days. I certainly don’t need to be adding any extra ones to that list.”